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Opening 03 June 2022

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Welcome to Project Essence Season 3
What's waiting you
In our new Season

The Project Essence presents you a new world. Improved in-game performance, weekly updates and unique features.

  • New and unique Game Interface
  • Smooth & Complete Auto-hunting
  • Free in-game DKP System
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Mighty and powerful! Enjoy the class
Vanguard Rider

Behold, orc riders have arrived at last! A new Vanguard class is the definition of might and power.

Wields a spear and claws of the wild beast, wears heavy armor, can't use a shield. They use Spears as main weapon mounted their owns mounts

Enjoy our amazing updates. New chronicle,
New Features
  • Archer New Skills
  • Mage New Skills
  • Summoner Updates
  • New Exp Dungeons
  • New Raid Balok
  • New Goddard Locations
More Arrows, More debuffs Archer new skills

Every shot can be fatal with these special skills.

• Poison Arrows for humans

• Rain of Arrows for elves

• Weakening Arrows for dark elves

• Stopping Arrows for Kamael

Free the beast inside of yourself by starting with our
Pre-opening packs
  • Light Pack Raider Pack
  • Standard Pack Dragoon Pack
  • Advanced Pack Vanguard Pack